Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Vengeance is MIne ~ the book

Vengeance is Mine by Sage Hunter

A Christian Suspense novel. 
Clint Merriweather, a stoic, proud, and honorable landscape contractor, made the tough decision to uproot his family from their small town and move to a bigger city to pursue better opportunities. But life had other plans. An iconic flood and poor business decisions put Clint and his family in jeopardy of losing everything they had worked for.

In addition to the existing troubles, J.T. Harmon, a ruthless project developer, exploited the situation by including malicious clauses in the contracts to maximize his profits. Clint's ability to support his family is challenged as he navigates through these obstacles.

Revenge consumed Clint and Josie as they confronted those who threatened their livelihood. As they struggle to acclimate to life in a sprawling city, danger awaits them at every corner. Overwhelmed by it all, Clint's mental well-being is impacted, prompting him to seek refuge at a homeless shelter, where he finds camaraderie among fellow strugglers. Will he find peace, justice, or revenge?

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  1. Professional Trailer--very good. I loved the book and hope everyone will read and enjoy it too.