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I was interviewed by Maria Secoy-Writer for her group page. She sent me questions ahead of time which we pretty much covered in the interview. Here are
my answers to the questions. I hope it helps someone.

What genre do you write in most often? That’s a good question. I started mostly writing nonfiction but my first novel was Christian fiction…I would call a suspense. I’m writing a young adult novel on Kindle Vella but not yet been completed. It’s kind of an adventure/suspense novel. I’m also working on a non-fiction book, which I’m putting on Kindle Vella. The title of it is The black Bra Club. I have two more in the works. One is about completed; it’s a conspiracy thriller and the other is a children’s book that I will be illustrating.

Have you published in any way other than Vella? (If so, where/how?) Yes, I have published in magazines and newspapers. My first Kindle Vella is now on Amazon as an entire novel. I am published as an illustrator for a book called In My Closet by Willy Robbins.

What kind of editing do you do before publishing on Vella? I try to self-edit but that is really not good enough. Kindle Vella has Grammarly built-in, so I use MS Word’s spelling and grammar check and then recheck it as I put it into Kindle Vella. I also have my computer read each chapter to me before I put it in Kindle Vella. I will hire an editor before I put it in book form though. I had my granddaughter edit my last one. She found so many pho pas and though she is only 13, she has a 145 IQ and is a talented writer herself.

How often do you post on Vella? I am trying to post at least one or two chapters or episodes a week. It is the best thing to keep my butt in the seat writing.

How long is each episode/chapter? Some are shorter and just above 600 words and some are longer up to 2000. Not usually longer than that though. I change chapters when a scene changes.

What is your long-term goal with the work you put on Vella (leave it there; compile it into a book to publish elsewhere; etc) So far I plan to put them all on Amazon as a regular book.

How/where do you get cover designs for Vella? I create my own designs. I am a trained graphic designer. I have worked as a graphic artist for years and have designed book covers for other authors.

If you are willing, is there any revenue information you’d be willing to share?
Sure, I don’t have much to share. I would like to see people become successful. My first Kindle Vella, which hasn’t been that popular was Greener Grass. The first full month I had it up I made 146.00. Last month I think I made $14 in royalties. My next novel The Guardians and the Protectorate of the Elite is getting more reads and I haven’t gotten any bonuses from that yet.
However, I know there are people who are making way more than that with the more popular genres. I refuse to write Man on man, woman on Woman, and Erotica, which seem to be popular. But other genres like fantasy, suspense, and dystopian realities, which also do well, I would be okay with. I think there are a lot of young readers on Kindle Vella.

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