The spreadsheet has 46 different writing and reading group names and their rules with spaces to add your actions daily or weekly. You can edit to add more or remove groups. Just use the contact form below to request acces to the form. I will email you the link.

BOOKS (Fiction)

 Greener Grass: Find it on Kindle Vella at and will soon be live on Amazon in paperback.

Clint Merriweather, a stoic, proud, and honorable landscape contractor, moves from a one-stop-light town to a larger city in order to provide better for his family. An iconic flood and poor business decisions put him and his family in jeopardy of losing everything. J. T. Harmon, the project developer does not make things easier. Josie, Clint’s wife tries not to judge her unsaved husband.

As Clint tries to maneuver through the obstacles, he wonders if he is worthy of his family and how he will ever make good on his promise to make a better life for them. Thoughts of vengeance plague him as he deals with those who try to subvert any success he and the other contractors are working toward. Danger haunts Clint and his family as they try to navigate their lives in a city much bigger than their little hometown. 

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