came to life while taking a course in expository writing at Drury University. The instructor asked me to write a personal narrative. She said, to give it a catchy title. So I wrote my narrative and titled it, "The Black Bra Club"The paper took on a life of its own. Kim McCully Mobley, my instructor then, was also a Newspaper Editor. She passed it around the office and the other women in the office, made copies of it. The word spread, and more women said they wanted to join the club. A radio station called and wanted to interview me. I realized that there was a need for women to gain the support and encouragement of their sisters and for younger women to be mentored. Thus - the Black Bra Club was born.

 Vengeance is Mine Formerly titled: Greener Grass: Find it on Kindle Vella at and it is on Amazon in paperback.

Clint Merriweather, an honorable landscape contractor, made the tough decision to uproot his family from their small town and move to a bigger city to pursue better opportunities. But life had other plans. An iconic flood and poor business decisions put Clint and his family in jeopardy of losing everything they had worked for. 

To add insult to injury, J.T. Harmon, a ruthless project developer, took advantage of the situation by incorporating diabolical clauses in their contracts, squeezing out more money for himself. As Clint struggled to navigate through these obstacles, he questioned his own worthiness as a provider for his family.

The desire for revenge consume Clint and Jose as they faced those who threaten their livelihood. Danger lurks at every corner as they struggle to adapt to life in a city that was far bigger than their little hometown. The weight of it all takes a toll on Clint's mental health, leading him to seek comfort at a homeless shelter, where he spends time with men who are facing their own struggles.

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